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Purple background with white square outline with image of Zoe Farmer, wearing a black and red patterned t-shirt and glasses, smiling at the camera.

Zoe Farmer

Social Justice Team Leader

Zoe is an Employability Team Leader and coach. She generally specialises in working with pre-employed adults who are needing support with finding strategies that can help them to improve in challenging areas that they may find in the workplace. The thing she enjoys the most in this role is helping people to find their get light bulb moments about their own ability and talent, the joy of gaining confidence and faith in their own abilities.

Zoe has lived experience of being neurodivergent, she is dyslexic, dyspraxic and an ADHDer. She received her diagnosis later on in her adult life. Hence, she has a personal understanding of how it feels to have grown up trying to understand and fit in a neurotypical world and the overwhelming pressure of masking.

What 3 words would Zoe use to describe Genius Within?

Empowering, Community, Understanding

What is Zoe’s favourite way to relax and unwind after a day’s work?

Zoe loves walking in the local nature reserve with her daughter and going to the cinema together. She also enjoys watching her local football team when she can and going to the theatre.

What is Zoe’s Inner Genius?

Building a rapport with people.