Complaints Policy


In line with our continuous improvement philosophy, Genius Within CIC (“the Company”) welcomes all feedback, including compliments and complaints. We use this feedback to update and refine our working practices, thus ensuring the best service possible for our clients and our customers.


All compliments received by Associates, Employees, or Directors will be relayed back to the relevant Associate or Employee. Furthermore, we may publish a testimony in our internal company newsletters.

Permission is always sought by email before compliments are used as testimonials in external marketing materials, public newsletters, or on our website.

Where a compliment highlights best practice, it will be shared with all via a CPD event, during a company/team meeting, by email, or as a ‘Useful Information’ resource to promote learning and development.


Where possible, complaints will be resolved informally and quickly. If necessary, they will be escalated to Team Leaders, Heads of Department, Company Directors, or a third party for mediation.

The most important outcomes are:

  • Resolving bad feeling
  • Making good on negative experiences
  • Preventing a reoccurrence of the issue
  • Ensuring that good practice is appreciated and adopted throughout the Company.

A copy of this Policy will be made available to all clients upon request.

All complaints, whether received and resolved by an employee or Associate, or raised more formally to the Team Leaders, Heads of Department, Company Directors, or a third party, will be recorded in the Issues Log. All incidents are investigated to determine the cause of the issue and help us to develop corrective and preventive actions. The investigation and details of the issue are recorded in an incident report.

The remedial, corrective, and preventive actions will be tracked via the Issues Log.

Where necessary, an Improvement Plan will be created by the incident owner, to identify and check the progress of more complex actions.

By recording and tracking complaints, we can not only ensure that they are resolved to the client’s satisfaction but also continuously improve how we work and the services we provide.

All complaints from a customer will be relayed back to the Associate or Employee working with the client/customer. This will then be discussed to help eliminate any similar circumstances occurring in the future. Support will be provided to help develop all individuals, so the Company can provide a high-quality service.

Complaints Made Directly to Associates

Should a client/customer make a complaint directly to an Associate, the Associate can provide immediate feedback and establish how it should be handled. If the Associate can handle the complaint within the session, this should be the first course of action.

Following a complaint being raised to, and handled directly by, the Associate to the satisfaction of the client, the Associate will then notify the Associate Support Officer of:

  • Date of issue
  • Client/organisation
  • Nature of issue
  • How the issue was resolved

The issue will be recorded in the relevant log and reviewed at the next management meeting to determine any improvement opportunities. Where the client does not believe the Associate can handle the complaint, they will ask the client to follow the procedure above, which is to contact our office personally to discuss their complaint.

Complaints Raised to the Office

If a client or customer feels that the informal approach to resolving an issue was not concluded satisfactorily, it should be raised to the relevant Team Leaders, Heads of Department, or Company Directors via our office. Again, this may be in person or via phone or email. This member of the leadership team will be the single point of contact for this issue until it is fully resolved.

The client/customer will be contacted within two working days to discuss the issues and how they should be resolved. The member of the leadership team involved will also discuss these issues with the relevant Associate or Employee.

A written response (letter or email) will be provided within five working days. A dialogue will be maintained until the issue is completely resolved. Complaints dealt with internally in this way will be resolved within two weeks.

Complaints raised to a third-party

If the client or customer feels they have exhausted the internal complaints procedure, they can request the complaint be raised to a Non-Executive Director (NED).

The NED will act as a mediator and help find a solution that is satisfactory to everyone involved. No charges will be applied to the complainant for requesting an external mediator and the decisions/outcomes of the NED will be considered final.