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Neurodiverse conditions are frequently classed as disabilities under The Equality Act 2010. This means that, as an employer, you may be required to put in place reasonable adjustments to support neurodiverse/neurodivergent employees at work. These can sometimes be funded by Access to Work.

Beyond obligations however, neurominorities often have particular strengths in areas such as: seeing the big picture; thinking outside the box; connecting ideas; 3D thinking; and general creativity. When properly supported, the skills of these ‘specialist thinkers’ can benefit your organisation and we have been helping employers to support their employees to work at their best since 2011.

The most common help is given in the form of “Workplace Strategy Coaching”. This means that one of our highly qualified coaches will work with your employee to identify what is working well, what is not working so well, and help them to develop strategies that are in themselves reasonable adjustments.

We also work with line managers, and whole organisations to raise awareness and improve communication. This approach can help manage your sickness absence rates and improve line management skills, both of which can in turn, lead to increased productivity.

0 25%

of clients are promoted within one year

0 61%

improvement in performance as rated by employees and their managers

0 117%

improvement in stress management as rated by employees after coaching

What our clients say…

“I have learnt so much more than that though. I am being more mindful, a whole lot more confident dealing with working relationships and can explain what I need now without saying either too much or not enough, which is a first for me. My relationship with my management has improved considerably too. I even bagged two major projects! These days I can even see problems before they happen and deal with them accordingly. This has helped me in other respects, it’s almost life counselling as well as workplace strategy coaching for helping me see my patterns, where they came from, and having a positive effect on my whole life.”

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