DCD (Dyspraxia)

What is DCD?

Developmental Coordination Disorder (DCD) or Dyspraxia is commonly associated with difficulties with movement, when in fact there are many strengths associated with this neurotype. Big picture thinking, problem solving, tenacity, creativity and empathy are all qualities associated with DCD. At Genius Within we like to put a focus on the positive by helping our clients to build on these strengths as well as finding strategies to address any difficulties.

Much more than being “clumsy”

DCD does affect the parts of the brain responsible for processing movement and spatial awareness, and this can affect the ability to follow sequences of instructions or learn new processes as well as fine motor control and balance. As with all neurominorities however, DCD/Dyspraxia affects individuals differently and may also co-occur alongside other conditions.

Follow this link to learn more about neurodiversity.

Info graphic with head at the centre and overlapping text bubbles in a circle around it. Title reads: DCD (dyspraxia) strengths and challenges. The strengths and challenges are listed as follows; Tenacity, stress, verbal communication skills, time management and organisation, problem solving, difficulty learning new processes, strong creativity and empathy, difficulty following sequences.

Helping to find your Genius Within

Our dyspraxic clients most commonly ask for help with the following areas:

  • Memory
  • Organisational Skills
  • Time Management
  • Verbal Communication
  • Motor Control
  • Finding Directions

Everyone we work with has a bespoke plan which may include strategies on the above areas, or other areas where they feel they need more support to work at their best.

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