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Our previous strengths finder and adjustments screener, the “Genius Screener”, has now been replaced by GeniusFinder Lite, our free limited demo of our premium GeniusFinder Pro product.

The GeniusFinder Pro is our new strengths-based assessment tool, which has been designed primarily to support neurodivergent individuals to explore the most common work-related strengths and struggles.

The result is a report containing the most popular strategies to enhance abilities or resolve issues, based on our many years’ experience working with individuals and discovering ‘what works’.

How does it work?

The strategies of the Genius Finder Pro have been used by Genius Within clients over the last 11 years. All strategies are based on a range of occupational psychology tools that demonstrate evidence-based practice. We have a test users manual for those with an interest in psychometric testing.

Please contact us here if you would like to know more about the GeniusFinder Pro.

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What is the GeniusFinder Lite?

The GeniusFinder Lite is a reduced sample version of our new screening tool, The GeniusFinder Pro. It is designed to demonstrate the full potential the Pro version offers for individuals and organisations, as well as the opportunities and benefits that provides.

The GeniusFinder Lite consists of 12 questions across 4 categories and generates basic assessments and advice based on personal competencies and areas for growth. The full Genius Finder Pro has 75 questions across 13 categories, to form a comprehensive profile of talents, competencies and areas for development.

How do I sign up for the GeniusFinder Lite?

The GeniusFinder Lite is designed to give you an example of what support and advice is available with the upgrade to the GeniusFinder Pro. Taking the sample assessment is free and easy!

Sign up on the link below and work through the questions at your own pace.

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