Our commitment to evidence-based practice

At Genius Within, our working model and organisational systems are built on a foundation of evaluation and research. All our work is based on data, as well as experience, and we adapt services to meet the needs of individuals.

Our founder and CRO of Genius Within, Dr Nancy Doyle’s doctoral research assessed the impact of group based coaching and 1:1 coaching. She was the founder of the British Psychological Society (BPS) Working Group looking at Neurodiversity and Employment and wrote the definitive guide to neurodiversity at work. Her research also informed the development of neurodiversity toolkits for ACAS, the BPS, and the Business Disability Forum.

As an organisation, we actively support five other employees in doctoral studies and run a company research group, led by our Head of Criminal Justice, for staff who are involved in bachelor and masters study, to provide a supportive learning environment where people can share ideas and best practice.

Centre for Neurodiversity at Work

In March 2021, Genius Within Partnered with Birkbeck’s Department of Organization Psychology, who are renowned for their research into the psychology of human behaviour at work, to launch the UK’s first centre researching neurodiversity at work.

Research at the Centre will focus on a broad range of neurodevelopmental differences. The Centre’s activities will ensure that neurominorities receive the diagnosis, coaching and support that they need to thrive in the workplace. The Centre is also looking to support employers to pre-empt any systemic barriers in human resource activities including job design, well-being and performance optimisation.

Find out more about the centre here. 

Measuring effectiveness

Feedback and evaluation are integral to the work of Genius Within. All our participants are invited to complete feedback and evaluation before and after working with us. We now hold 9 years’ of evaluation data which has been used to ensure standards are maintained. The data provided by the participants is analysed and reported monthly. It enables us to measure participant progress as well as identifying areas for improvement.

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