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At Genius Within, we provide coaching to help neurominorities work at their best in the UK, Europe, USA and Australia.

We also work with employers worldwide to neurodiversify their organisations through training and advisory services, and are supporters of the Valuable 500 mission to sign up 500 world leading companies to disability inclusion. Our team has a good understanding of the systems, processes and legislation that impact upon their organisation and direct their Diversity & Inclusion goals.

As a team, we work closely with academic bodies such as University of London, Stanford, Cornell, University of Florida and North Carolina State University. We are regularly invited to give talks for the International Labor Organization and around the world as neurodiversity inclusion experts.

If you would like us to support you, wherever you are in the world, please get in contact using the ‘get in touch’ box below and we will come back to you.

What our clients say…

“I have learned so much about myself throughout the sessions to date and I have begun to apply all if not most of the learning to my work and also my everyday living to help me embrace Neurodiversity. I once used to see dyslexia as something that I suffer with but with the help from (my Coach), I can now say that it is part of me and in some cases I will use to my advantage with creativity.”

Anonymous Coaching Client

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