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We believe that effective change can only be achieved when neurodiversity is at the D&I table. We want to promote systemic change, right across our world, in our governments, in our social systems, and throughout organisations.

Who are Genius Within?

Genius Within CIC is a social enterprise established by Professor Nancy Doyle in 2011 to help neurominorities unlock their talents, whilst acknowledging and celebrating that this diversity forms part of the rich tapestry of human experience.

We advise governments on policy and provide consultancy to businesses, driving systemic change that allows all employees to thrive. We provide in-work support in the form of coaching, training and assessments. We also support neurodivergent thinkers who are not in the workplace, who might be studying, unemployed or in the criminal justice system.

The BBC2 series, Employable Me and now Employable Me 2, which was franchised to five countries internationally, featured our work with disabled jobseekers as they prove that disability should not be a barrier to employment.

As a company actively championing the rights of neurominorities, it is only fitting that we are a Disability Confident Leader. We are led by a dyslexic CEO and a board and senior management team that is 67% neurominorities, with all conditions represented. 68% of our employee team also identify as neurodivergent and /or disabled. This means that we can deliver balanced, co-produced services drawing on lived experience combined with our expertise as psychologists, workplace coaches and HR practitioners.

Commitment to quality

At Genius Within, we take our role as experts seriously and are committed to providing high quality services. All our psychologists, coaches and trainers are ILM Level 5 qualified and our associates receive specialist training with an ILM endorsed model on neurodiversity. We invest in continuous and high quality CPD programmes for all our employees and associates.

We apply a rigorous quality process through the application of the BS EN ISO 9001:2015 standards and are committed to continually improving the effectiveness of our quality management system. We adhere to professional guidelines set by the Health & Care Professions Council, British Psychological Society and Institute of Leadership and Management. View our Quality Policy here. 

Data Driven

Our working model and organisational systems are built on evidence-based practice. We have thousands of data points, collected over 10 years, which have been analysed and evaluated which enable us to adapt services to meet the needs of the individuals.

We take the data of our clients, partners, and organisations very seriously. Our systems undergo strenuous annual tests and we hold up-to-date certification on data security, including Cyber Essentials certification. We are an ICO registered company (registration number Z2896937) and are working towards ISO 27001 certification.

What our clients say…

“I can thoroughly recommend Genius Within to anyone – their coaching methods are invaluable and you come away from the whole process enriched. My coach, Marguerite, in particular was attentive, patient, courteous and informative. In our time together, I felt able to divulge information I wouldn’t even share with family and friends, confident in the knowledge that it would not only remain confidential but that it would also benefit my coaching and allow for clearer methods to be suggested/attempted. Since our sessions ended, I have noticed a marked improvement in my workload management, my general demeanour and my mental wellbeing – a step forward I could not have made without their help. Thank you, Genius Within.”

Brett Linforth

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