We have a team of certified workplace coaches who are trained in understanding the specific cognitive and  communication difficulties that can accompany neurodiversity.

Coaching sessions with us will help you to develop successful coping strategies and improve your overall performance at work.

If you are currently seeking employment our coaches will help you address the areas of concern, and then focus in on the positive strengths associated with neurodiversity to help you approach work opportunities with professionalism and confidence.

We will include:

  • What’s working well and not well?
  • Strengths inventory
  • Strategies for memory, time management, organization, communication
  • Managing stress, energy and senses
  • Adapting workstations and tools
  • Joint sessions with supervisor

Coaching for the workplace typically costs $500 per session (4 – 6 recommended) plus sales tax plus travel or can deliver remotely.  Lower prices are available for those who are seeking career coaching and are unwaged, please contact us: info@geniuswithin.org

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