Acquired Brain Injury

What is an acquired brain injury?

Acquired brain injuries (often referred to as ABI) usually occur after accidents or illnesses. They can cause difficulties similar to those associated with neurominorities such as dyslexia or ADHD. However, not all brain regions are affected, and areas such as verbal or visual abilities, good memory, strong work ethic and practical skills may be enhanced, or honed during rehabilitation.

Developing new abilities

The brain is a wonderful thing, even after an injury or accident it can develop new pathways. By learning to rely on the areas of the brain not affected, our clients develop strategies to compensate for their new difficulties as well as discover new strengths. No one person will be affected exactly in the same way, so it is always best to ask what support an individual needs.

Follow think link to learn more about neurodiversity.

Info graphic with head at the centre and overlapping text bubbles in a circle around it. Title reads: Acquired Brain injury, strengths and challenges. The strengths and challenges are listed as follows; long-term memory, time management, communication skills, memory, empathy and resilience, organisation, practical skills and work ethic, difficulty concentrating.

Helping to find your Genius Within

We regularly see clients who need support in the following areas:

  • Memory
  • Organisation
  • Time Management
  • Concentration
  • Motor Control
  • Verbal Communication

Everyone we work with has a bespoke plan that enables them to discover their new strengths and overcome challenges. Their needs may include strategies on the above areas or other areas where they feel they need more support to work at their best.

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