Offering a range of assessments from initial screening to full diagnosis

At Genius Within, we firmly believe in balancing the ‘glass half empty’ approach to neurodiversity. All neurominorities have strengths and skills as a result of the spiky cognitive profile that comes hand in hand with neurodivergence . Carried out by fully qualified Occupational Psychologists, our assessments therefore seek to identify those areas of strength, rationalise these in a workplace or career context, and identify any support that you will need to be at your best.

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Workplace Needs Assessments

A workplace needs assessment makes recommendations for reasonable adjustments to the workplace. This assists employers to accommodate conditions which are commonly associated with cognitive differences. In the assessment we look at how individual ability, work targets, environment and tools used are affecting the employee’s ability to carry out their role to a satisfactory standard. To do this we will need to meet both the individual and either their line manager or HR representative. We can then consider what tools, technology, changes and coaching support the employee needs, and what is a reasonable adjustment.

Holistic Assessments

Holistic assessments start with a developmental case history, which allows us to look for evidence of Dyslexia, Dyspraxia (Developmental Coordination Disorder) Dysgraphia and / or Dyscalculia, as well as ADHD and Autism. We can then test to confirm which neurotype (s) is the best fit for your profile. For ADHD and Autism, there may be more than one testing session required.

We will then signpost you to any further support needed, included referrals to medical practitioners if appropriate. This will include how you can make the most of your strengths and how you can apply them at work.

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Positive Assessments

A positive assessment is a short cognitive assessment which explores your innate talents and strengths. Our Psychologists will deliver a series of ability assessments, looking at verbal, visual and spatial skills. We look at different types of memory to find out where your strengths lie. After the testing, we’ll talk about how the results fit into your education and career outcomes, to inspire you and give you the confidence you need to achieve your goals.

Combined Assessments

A combined assessment is a workplace needs assessment and cognitive diagnostic assessment at the same time. The cognitive assessment will ascertain whether an individual does indeed have a condition such as Dyslexia, Dyspraxia and/or Dyscalculia. The assessment can also highlight if the individual has a high probability for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). The workplace needs assessment will make recommendations for reasonable adjustments to support these employees at work, which you are required to make under The Equality Act 2010.

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Autism Assessments

Autism assessments are completed by two of our specially qualified psychologists who work alongside clinical and neurodevelopmental specialists. The Autism diagnostic process follows on naturally from a cognitive assessment.

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What our clients say…

“Since having my assessment with Genius Within, I now understand that I have strengths as well as difficulties, I can explain these to my boss and my partner easily and my self esteem has rocketed!”

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