Inclusion Project of the Year

What is the Inclusion Project of the Year award for?

This category seeks to recognise the clubs, charities and community projects that have done outstanding work to promote neuroinclusion.

Nominees will demonstrate meaningful and practical support which has had a positive impact on members of the ND community.

If you know of any project that deserves some recognition nominations for 2024 are now open!

Deadline for nominations is Friday 7th June 2024 at 11:59pm.

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Inclusion Project of the Year Award 2023

Congratulations to the winner…

Black SEN Mamas

From an intersectional perspective Black disabled people experience double discrimination in society. They do not have the privilege of fitting perfectly into one marginalised community or the other. This means that parents of Black kids with complex needs, need specialist support and spaces where their unique experiences are centred.

Black SEN Mamas CEO and Founder is a Black neurodivergent therapist and mother who saw the needs for these services and set about organising them. The regular support groups allow for parents to connect with others and share in a psychologically safe environment.

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