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Introducing the Genius Finder™

The need for workplace adjustments is increasing, yet there is a lack of access to resources required for evaluating and providing support.

The Genius Finder™ is our strengths-based assessment platform, which has been designed to support individuals explore the most common work-related strengths and challenges.

Written by Dr Nancy Doyle, it provides personalised practical recommendations based on your answers to 66 questions over 13 categories, taking just 10 minutes on average.

The Genius Finder supports you and your organisation to work at your best and positively shift business performance.


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Why do I need it?

The Genius Finder™ revolutionises personal, professional and organisational development by unlocking hidden strengths.

  • Up to 450 tried and tested personalised recommendations.
  • 90% of all recommendations can be actioned at no extra cost.
  • 93% cheaper and 20 times faster than a standard WPNA.
  • Instantly scalable for organisations and immediately useful for individuals.
  • Instant downloadable PDF reports, personalised dashboards, aggregated data.
  • Fully accessible platform conforming to WCAG standards.

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How does it work?

By embracing individual differences and harnessing the power of diverse minds, the Genius Finder™ paves the way for enhanced performance, productivity, and organisational success.

The Genius Finder™ provides individuals with an instant personalised report based on recommendations that are most likely to be useful for them.

The recommendations of the Genius Finder™ have been used by Genius Within clients for over 11 years.

All recommendations are based on a range of independently validated occupational psychology tools that demonstrate evidence-based practice.


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Contact us to get started

To find out more about how the Genius Finder can benefit you and your organisation, contact our wonderful sales team using the form below.

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What versions are available?

Person using a laptop to take the new screening tool the My Genius Finder

My Genius Finder

My Genius Finder is an online strengths profiler tool built to assist neurodivergent and neurotypical individuals in exploring their strengths and challenges in the workplace.

It is a simple, powerful and accessible strengths-based application, designed to help you find your hidden talents.

Written by a team of psychologists led by Dr Nancy Doyle, it provides personalised practical strategies to support you across all areas of your life.

Individual ‘My Genius Finder’ membership costs just £42 (£35 + VAT) for 12 months unlimited access and free upgrades.

You can download and keep your accessible pdf report forever with no further fees.

There are no hidden costs and you will not be charged for anything else.

Learn more about the My Genius Finder.

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Genius Finder Pro

Unlock your organisation’s hidden talents

What are the additional benefits of using the Genius Finder Pro for organisations?

  1. Understand what every employee needs to work at their best, for 93% less cost than a full Workplace Needs Assessment.
  2. Provide every user with instant access to a tailored personalised and editable report, with an average completion time of 10 minutes.
  3. Gain organisational and departmental insights into the adjustments that work best for employees and predict pain points before they become problematic.
  4. Make better informed adjustment decisions from your dashboard that have proven potential to deliver positive ROI.
  5. Tailored pricing and features to suit the needs of your organisation
  6. A certified secure SaaS platform conforming to ISO 27001

Find out more about how the Genius Finder Pro can benefit your organistaion.

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Genius Finder Testimonial

“The Genius Finder Platform is user friendly, and the report provided is very useful for our trainees as a first step into understanding their neurodiverse strengths, and useful strategies and adjustments, prior to any assessment.”

Health Education England