Stereotype Buster

What is the Stereotype Buster award for?

This category celebrates those who do things their way and proves that narrow stereotypes cannot adequately describe the human experience.

The winners will be people who motivate others, simply by being their authentic selves, to challenge mainstream perceptions of gender, class, race, sexuality, disability, or any societal norm.

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If you know someone that deserves some recognition, nominations for 2024 are now open!

Deadline for nominations is Friday 7th June 2024 at 11:59pm.

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Stereotype Buster Award 2023

Congratulations to the winner…

Elizabeth Bonker

Elizabeth Bonker has challenged the wider world to reconsider their misconceptions about non speakers. As many non speaking people will tell you they are often infantilised and disregarded because of their communication differences.

Elizabeth Bonker has not only captured the interest of a vast audience through her viral speech but she has also now turned that into a career and people continue to be very interested in what she has to say. The org she has started will continue this and help other Autistic non speakers to have that same opportunity.

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