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Grey background with white square outline with image of Sue Brown, wearing a blue V-neck t-shirt, smiling at the camera.

Sue Brown

Sales and Client Services Team Leader

Sue is the Team Leader for the Sales and Client Service Team; the inner cog of Genius Within, that keeps turning and moving constantly, processing orders, allocating work to our associates, and is the first port of call for our clients and customers.

Sue joined Genius Within 2018 and previously worked in engineering and manufacturing environments. She has experience in sales account management. procurement, marketing, and administration with a great eye for detail and coming up with solutions to improve a system or process.

Coming from an engineering and manufacturing background Sue has highly attuned skills in attention to detail and planning. Sue is always happy to share her knowledge and experience with the rest of the team.

What 3 words would Sue use to describe Genius Within?

The order conductor!

What is Sue’s favourite way to relax and unwind after a day’s work?

Sue is an amazing baker, and loves nothing more that using her creative skills to turn cake into 3D works of art.

What is Sue’s Inner Genius?

Never misses a deadline! Sue said that at her interview and it remains true.