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Yellow background with white square outline with image of Nicola Maguire, wearing a black shirt, smiling at the camera.

Nicola Maguire-Alcock

Deputy Head of Criminal Justice

Nicola completes a variety of the work, whether it is working face-to-face with clients, managing staff, developing staff, communicating information, interpreting impact data or being part of the development of new projects/tools. Also knowing that the work we do is impactful, meaningful and can be the life-changing moments that enable an individual to take the next steps on their journey…how amazing is to be part of that?

Prior to joining Genius Within, Nicola had a range of experience including working at a specialist inpatient services for neurodiverse/divergent children with a clinical diagnosis, specialising in Autism. She also worked in mental health services including Child and Adolescent services (CAMHS) specifically within the ASD and ADHD assessment teams. Nicola also worked in the prison service supporting offenders with neurodiverse conditions and those experiencing mental issues to deliver high intensity interventions. Whilst working in the Prison service Nicola worked as part of the suicide prevention and self-harm team. Nicola has a BSc in Psychology and an MSc in Forensic and Criminal Psychology. Her research in her MSc used Interpretative Phonological Analysis regarding expert witnesses and credibility. Nicola is qualified in psychometric testing including the WAIS and NEO-PI-3 (personality inventory).

What 3 words would Nicola use to describe Genius Within?

Criminal Justice World

What is Nicola’s favourite way to relax and unwind after a day’s work?

Nicola loves going to the gym, walking Teddy, fashion, and spending time with friends and family.

What is Nicola’s Inner Genius?

Being patient, calm and positive…seeing things as ‘half a glass full’ with a dash of realism