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Yellow background with white square outline with image of Jess Sollom, wearing a black V-neck vest, smiling at the camera.

Jess Sollom, BSc (Hons), MSc

Head of Delivery

Jess holds a BSc (Hons) Psychology and Child Development, MSc Applied Research in Psychology, MSc Organisational Psychology and ILM 7 certificate in Leadership and Management. Her current role is the Occupational Delivery Team Leader and Business Psychologist for Genius Within. Previous work experience includes Case Manager, Coach and Assistant Psychologist all working within the Employability sector, supporting neurodivergent individuals to maximise their strengths, and overcome their challenges.

Additionally, Jess has previously worked with neurodivergent adolescents within the education system and has held various voluntary roles which relate to inclusion, such as being a D&I governor for a higher education establishment and an Independent Parent Supporter for parents of children with Special Educational Needs.

Jess is neurodivergent herself; she is an ADHDer, has OCD and an anxiety disorder. Jess is passionate about diversity and inclusion and strives to empower others to reach their full potential. Jess has a specific interest in neurodiversity due to lived experience and observed unjust experiences of others.