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Yellow background with white square outline with image of Angelica Simpson, wearing a beige dress and smiling at the camera.

Angelica Simpson (MA HRM, Assoc CIPD)

Head of HR

Angelica is the Head of HR, working to make Genius Within a happy and inclusive workplace. She regularly reviews our unique employee life cycle (attraction, recruitment, onboarding, learning & development, retention, offboarding and advocacy) and continuously develops our internal work. Angelica also encourages our EmployeesVoice so that our diverse team is represented in everything we do. You may also see her delivering ND awareness sessions.

Angelica has a Business Law & Human Resource Management degree, an MA in Human Resource Management and CIPD Level 7 qualified. Having worked across different sectors, public, private and corporate, Angelica has acquired a range of relevant skills in the HR field. She has lived experience of neurodivergence- her Mom has a recently acquired brain injury (stroke) and her sister has been recently diagnosed as Autistic and ADHD, in her late twenties and halfway through her 2nd degree so her work experience at Genius Within is invaluable! Awareness is crucial to understanding and advocacy.

What 3 words would Angelica use to describe Genius Within?

Authentic, Empowering, Genuine

What is Angelica’s favourite way to relax and unwind after a day’s work?

Angelica loves reading books (fiction), she can get completely lost in a book, but with working, mummying, daughtering, sistering and everything else, she does not always have the time. So you will likely find Angelica enjoying an evening of dinner, drinks and laughter with family and friends or watching some really trash tv!

What is Angelica’s Inner Genius?

Putting the Human into HR! Angelica is approachable so that employees, associates and clients feel psychologically safe in their place of work and able to discuss anything, good and bad. Life happens to us all!