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Profile photo of Irina Marenica

Irina Marenica MSc

Business Psychologist

Irina is a Business Psychologist, Neurodiversity Assessor, and Coach. She uses principles of Occupational and Clinical Psychology in her practice aiming to provide an approach that is evidence-based, ethical, solution-focussed, and inclusive to all.

Irina brings extensive experience in the delivery of diagnostic and workplace needs assessments across a variety of sectors and industries. She works with individuals with complex health needs and neurodiversity in employment and adult education.

Irina shares a commitment to raising awareness about neurominorities and facilitating change. She provides informed support and guidance to senior management, HR, and education specialists in order to enable neurodiverse potential and provide a positive and inclusive environment.

My expertise:

Irina has an MSc in Occupational Psychology from Birkbeck, University of London. She is completing a doctoral-level qualification in Occupational Psychology with British Psychological Society.

Irina previously completed an MSc degree in Clinical Psychology and worked in related settings. She holds accreditation in Level A and B Psychometric Testing.