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A picture of Stuart Hasell smiling at the camera, wearing glasseses and a black blazer.

Stuart Hasell

Stuart’s passion is to help and support neurodivergent people and overcome barriers, challenges and sometimes stigma, both personally and professionally. It’s a question of unlocking the potential, find the right application, focus on what the person is good at and support them to excel.

His full-time job is in the Railway sector, where he advocates for the neurodivergent community, champions diversity and inclusion, and advocates for mental health.

He undertakes coaching support with clients from multiple sectors, helping them to achieve higher performance in the workplace.

His previous career spanned 30 years in management consultancy and supply chain where he developed broad and deep expertise in many sector-specific, corporate, operational and performance management disciplines.

Stuart specialises in supporting people on the Autistic Spectrum and with ADHD. I also have experience with Alexithymia (Lack of Emotional Intelligence) and Cyclothymia (Short Form Bipolar) and Mental Health in general, as those are the ND traits he is diagnosed with. His professional experience spans 40 years from director/boardroom, management grades to regular colleagues, supporting and helping people achieve higher performance goals in the professional and personal spaces with a blend of coaching and lived experience.

Stuart is a seasoned professional with a diverse skill set and a deep commitment to personal and professional development. He holds credentials such as ILM Level 7 Executive Coaching certification and is a Mental Health First Aider in England. With 5 years of experience as a Radius Certified EDI Practitioner in the Railways Industry, Stuart is well-versed in fostering inclusive environments. His expertise extends to supply chain management, evidenced by his Chartered Institute Purchasing & Supply Chain (CIPS) qualification. With 15 years of experience in management consulting strategy and training, Stuart brings a wealth of knowledge to his coaching endeavors. He has lived experience of being neurodivergent in the workplace, spanning 40 years, providing him with invaluable insights and empathy for those he supports.


ILM Level 7 Executive Coach

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