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Profile picture of Ken Smith, smiling at camera, wearing blue scarf and green shirt.

Ken Smith

MEd in Learning and Development

Ken has been working as a coach for well over twenty years. During this time he set up and ran a pioneering national coaches’ network for 5 years, for clients from a wide range of Government organisations. Over many years of working as a coach, Ken has seen his clients take two things from their coaching with him. The first one is clarity on the practical actions to take in order to achieve their desired changes. The second is a refreshed and re-energised sense of what what’s important to them in their work. Together this means they can be more effective in the workplace and still true to themselves. Ken’s clients have told him that they feel “seen and heard” when working with him, while experiencing a helpful level of challenge.

As a coach he has worked with clients from Director level to front line delivery staff, in diverse environments, and on a wide range of agendas. These include dealing with job overwhelm, transitioning to a new role, how to express leadership in different situations, becoming a more effective and confident people manager, gaining clarity on career goals and life-work balance, and the impact on working life of neurodiverse conditions.


MEd in Learning and Development

Association for Coaching Accredited Executive Coach

Diploma in Coaching Supervision

Postgraduate Certificate in HRD

Master Practitioner NLP

Certificated Practitioner in Clean Language

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