Neurodivergent Achiever of the Year

What is the Neurodivergent Achiever of the Year award for?

This award celebrates neurodivergent individuals (21 or over) who have achieved something they did not think was possible. They are someone who has overcome major adversity and societal barriers to succeed either personally, professionally or in their studies.


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Neurodiversity Achiever of the Year Award 2023

Congratulations to the winner…

Jason Arday

Jason Arday is a highly respected scholar of race, inequality and education, with a particular interest in improving the representation of Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic people in higher education. He has taken up the post of Professor of Sociology of Education in the Faculty of Education, University of Cambridge this March. He is also Autistic and was non-speaking until the age of 11.

Image of Jason Arday, on stage at the CND Awards accepting his award for ND Achiever of the Year

And the runner up…

Lewis Capaldi

Lewis’s resilience is truly outstanding. His recent Netflix documentary shed light on his journey and he bravely made his diagnosis public, generating positive attention for this often misunderstood neurological condition. Lewis’s willingness to share his story has not only increased awareness but also fostered a better understanding of Tourette syndrome.

Lewis Capaldia wearing a blue long sleeved, leaning on his hand and looking into the camera.

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