Inclusive Technology Award

What is the Inclusive Technology Award award for?

This category recognises technology that has been designed to improve accessibility, inclusion, and quality of life for neurominorities. This could be an app, a piece of software or a physical tool.

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Inclusive Technology Award Winner 2023

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Cubbie is an immersive sensory experience which provides a tailored experience for the Autistic and SEN community, ensuring that their needs are recognised and addressed quickly. The Process starts with a collection of inputs and the creation of bespoke programs (experiences)

through the Expert Cubbie Occupational Team. These are uploaded to the Cubbie Cloud and all Cubbies are networked. Users can access their unique program via a touch pad on the Hub. The Cubbie environment of light, sound, and video then automatically adjusts to each User.

The team from Cubbie collect their CND Award on stage with Nassar of Microlink, Nicky and Kirsty Campbell

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