Inclusive Technology Award

What is the Inclusive Technology Award award for?

This category recognises technology that has been designed to improve accessibility, inclusion, and quality of life for neurominorities. This could be an app, a piece of software or a physical tool.

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Inclusive Technology Award 2023

We are excited to announce the finalists for the Inclusive Technology Award:

Good luck to all of our finalists!


Tickets for this years awards are now live

Tickets are now available to attend the online virtual awards on the 28th September from 5:30pm.

Join us for the Celebrating Neurodiversity Awards ceremony on Thursday 28th September at the Institute of Physics in London and online. The in-person event is invite only.

This a hybrid event and we would love the wider neurodivergent community and our allies to attend online.

Our awards recognise and celebrate successes in the neurominority community. We recognise the individuals, businesses, organisations and projects that go above and beyond to promote accessibility and inclusion.

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