Neurodiversity Research of the Year

What is the Neurodiversity Research of the Year award for?

This category recognises those that are conducting valuable research, aiming to reduce the knowledge gap relating to neurodiversity inclusion. Studies will identify ways in which to help neurominorities be at their best and inform best practice for neuro-inclusion.

Neurodiversity Research of the Year Award 2023

Congratulations to the winners…

Maddie Groom, Camilla Babbage and team

The aim of the research was to explore and highlight the challenges faced by people with Tourette Syndrome (TS) when trying to access healthcare support for their tics. Many people with tics are unable to access a diagnostic assessment for tics, and even when a diagnosis is given, many are discharged with no follow-on care and are told that there is no treatment available. There are effective, evidence-based treatments for tics, but too few medical professionals are aware of these treatments or know how to implement them.

Maddie Groom and Camilla Babbage collect their winners award for Neurodiversity Research of the Year at the CND Awards 2023

And the highly commended finalist…

Daniel Jones

The research project sought to look into the ways that adults with Tourette Syndrome experience and navigate public spaces. Within this, it was designed in collaboration with members of the Tourettic community and local TS charity TIC-Hull in order to foster networking and to combat the increased levels of loneliness and isolation amongst tourettic adults.

In doing so, the project aimed to bring Tourettic people to the forefront of academic inquiry; and to offer a demonstration of the value of this for other academics whilst also offering insights assisting in gaining funding for the support of adults with Tourette a syndrome.

Daniel Jones on stage at the CND Awards accepting his runner up award.

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