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Posted 12 Nov 2019

The joys of online coaching

So, an unexpected perk of my job was being offered coaching for my ADHD to help me figure out how best to utilise my diverse skill-set. There was just one problem, I work remotely from mainland Europe, thus it would be a bit of a commute to put it mildly!

However, there’s no point embracing neurodiversity if you can’t find a relatively easy solution for a problem that no one else can see, so we had a bright idea! How about I do my coaching online? Time differences, location, availability… all were so easy to arrange directly with my coach. It was so simple. 

I was quite apprehensive initially, as I use empathy a huge amount when dealing with people, and I was concerned I might not get a ‘sense’ of my coach if I wasn’t there in person. Incorrect! It was brilliant from the start. Like being in the same room, except I could move my laptop, and myself, around when I started to get twitchy. Yay, a total bonus!

It really, really had an impact

WOW! I found out I have an inner chimp, and boy did she need some ground rules and training. I learned so much about my ADHD, how to apply it best, how to manage myself more efficiently in the workplace and communicate more clearly, especially with management. More importantly a year later I am still using these techniques in pretty much all areas of my life and am evolving all the time.

Then I got an enquiry from a wonderful lady from the USA…

She had seen our CEO Dr Nancy Doyle on The Employables on the A&E network. She wanted to know if Nancy could see her son David. He had several neurodiverse conditions, and had been slowly withdrawing from society. He desperately wanted Nancy to show him he had a great skill-set, to re-frame his diagnoses, to give him back his positivity and to see that he had a place in the world at large. But, he was based in southern USA. Seeing as my test run was so awesome, we asked if we could do it online….

David only needed two sessions, in which we reviewed his many psychological reports and drew out the strengths. They talked about his transferable skills, portfolio careers and blended roles. He found that his dream job, to become an artist, wasn’t as unattainable as he feared and that there were lots of jobs he could do that built on his visual skills to earn money in the meantime.  He said that the coaching was life changing and has in fact since sold two paintings!

So great was the success that we decided to launch online coaching so everyone could benefit!

We have an average 54% increase in confidence after 4 sessions for our clients, but I can say from personal experience I have gained so much more than that. 

I am calmer, more confident, I feel less fraudulent, and more importantly realise how much I contribute!  It was so brilliantly suited to my ADHD as well, the flexibility was an unexpected bonus, and I really couldn’t believe how many people noticed an improvement in me in my personal life either. 

I would recommend it to anyone who wants a boost, a reset, or just to try and sort out the negative thought processes in their brain. Try it, see the benefit and it will revolutionise your life!

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