Genius Within is a research based and evidence-informed company.

Our CEO, Dr Nancy Doyle, is a research fellow at the University of London, collaborating with US researchers via the American Psychological Association.

We drive research forward by evaluating our own practice and ensuring that every piece of work we undertake has an evaluation built in from the start.  What do you want to have happen?  How will you know that it has worked?  What will be the wider, measurable benefits?

Neurodiversity is a relatively new idea, academically.  Most research to date is based on the medical model, looking at weaknesses and clinical intervention.

Occupational and organizational research evidence is building more understanding of what works at the individual and organizational level.  Our next job is understanding the power of systemic inclusion.

The most popular topics chosen by clients and managers (combined) for neurodiversity coaching are:

Memory: 91%

Organizational Skill: 78%

Time Management: 75%

Stress Management: 67%

Spelling: 67%

Communicating about needs: 57%

Reading: 54%

We find that:

1. Our clients get an average of 4.5 sessions, which is over 9 hours.

2. Managers on average rate their employees’ performance over a wide range of topics at 4.88 before. Clients rate themselves at 3.98.

3. Follow up scores are on average 6.9 and their managers report 7.1.

Because the client and manager scores are so different at the start, we believe this shows how our clients lack self confidence.  We are very happy that they post similar scores by the end.

You can read more about this research if you have access to academic databases using the following reference:

Doyle, N.E. & McDowall, A. (2015) Is coaching an effective adjustment for dyslexia in the workplace? Coaching: An International Journal of Theory and Practice, 8(2) 154-168

Or if you want an easy access summary it you can find more research here:

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