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Teal background with white square outline with image of Kate Pearson, wearing a grey and white stripey t-shirt with glasses on, smiling at the camera.

Kate Omonigho Pearson

Head of Partnership Development

Kate is Head of Partnership Development at Genius Within CIC. Kate has worked at Genius Within for 7 years in various roles including Case Manager and Coach, as well as in Leadership roles working within Social Justice to support neurodivergent individuals to maximise their strengths and overcome their challenges. More recently she has been supporting organisations to become neuro-inclusive and enabling neurodivergent people to thrive in the workplace.

Kate holds a Criminology and Criminal Justice Degree and has ILM7 Leadership and Management qualifications.
Kate is neurodivergent herself; an ADHDer, Bipolar and has Generalised Anxiety Disorder. Her lived experience, along with her qualifications, and working for a leading Neurodiversity specialist, means that she is well-positioned to consider what helps neurodivergent individuals and organisations to ensure that there is awareness, support, allyship and opportunities for neurodivergent people to be at their best more of the time.

What 3 words would Kate use to describe Genius Within?

Exciting, Innovative, Inclusive

What is Kate’s favourite way to relax and unwind after a day’s work?

Kate tends to work best in the morning and late evening, so she likes to relax/unwind in-between. She does this by running, taking her dog on long walks along the coastal paths and at the beach, and cooking. She also loves a good Netflix series and enjoying BBQs with her family.

What is Kate’s Inner Genius?

Kate’s inner genius is being able to support people in identifying their inner genius; she can recognise strengths and skills in others and support them to recognise and use these. She is also really good at finding a typo and any grammatical errors, as long as not in her own written work!