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Purple background with white square outline with image of Jacqui Wallis, wearing a cheetah print shirt and glasses, smiling at the camera.

Jacqui Wallis

Chief Executive Officer

Jacqui was diagnosed with dyslexia in her third year at university, when she was 23 years old. She then went on to spend the next 25 years hiding her dyslexia at work, developing complex masking techniques to avoid having to share her struggles as she believed that being open would damage her chances of promotion and success.

As Genius Within’s Chief Executive Officer, Jacqui serves on the Board and her role is to help businesses and organisations understand how they can remove the stigma of having a cognitive difference at work by sharing the amazing strengths that neurominorities bring to the companies they work for.

Jacqui has over 26 years’ experience in senior leadership roles ranging from starts-ups to large companies. She is experienced in delivering strategy and leadership across the teams that she works with.

Jacqui worked as Managing Director at one of the World’s largest Media Advertising Agencies. She has also worked with many different sized businesses ranging from table-top entrepreneurs to multi-national institutions and loves getting under the skin of a problem and finding the solution. Jacqui is a well-practised public speaker and enjoys sharing her experiences with others during events of all sizes.

Jacqui understands the important role that teams, and individuals, play within organisations. She values her role at Genius Within in helping those businesses liberate the inner geniuses they have in their workforce right now. Over her years in business she has been lucky enough to work with some amazing brands including Apple, Aviva, NEST, SWIFT, Royal Albert Hall, RSPCA, Ricoh, and Shelter to name but a few.

My expertise:

Jacqui has undertaken ongoing professional development courses in Marketing and Communications. She was an early participant in Google’s Square course and was one of only six (and the only woman) to be voted “an inspirational square” by a 400 strong cohort. Jacqui has a BA (Hons) from the University of York.

My inner genius is…

….creative problem solving and thinking differently.