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Teal background with white square outline with image of Helen Charnock, wearing a blue denim dress with her hands on her hips.

Helen Charnock

Finance Director

As Finance Director at Genius Within Helen has the lovely task of ensuring that we have the financial resources in the right place at the right time to ensure that our delivery managers can maximise the good work they do for our existing and potential clients. Helen thinks it is great to see Genius Within continuously grow in to new areas so we can extend our reach and influence. She believes it is particularly heartening that by virtue of being a CIC every year we reinvest a proportion of our of our revenue back into the neurodivergent community to areas of greatest need.

[Friday 14:49] Helen Charnock

Helen is neurotypical, however a close family friend has four neurodivergent children, and it was her relationship with them that sparked her interest in helping to support the community in any way she could.

What 3 words would Helen use to describe Genius Within?

Passionate, Driven, Quirky

What is Helen’s favourite way to relax and unwind after a day’s work?

Helen does her relaxing before a day’s work, as she is a total gym bunny and you can find her either in the gym, in the pool, or running over the South Downs at 6 am most mornings, currently training for Hyrox competitions. When she does eventually stop as a special treat you will find her in the theatre with a long-standing love of musical theatre.

What is Helen’s Inner Genius?

Good sense of humour and enthusiasm.