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Yellow background with white square outline with image of Gunjan Odedra, wearing a black V-neck t-shirt, and glasses, smiling at the camera.

Gunjan Odedra

Social Justice Training & Development Lead

Gunjan holds multiple roles at Genius Within that reflect on her commitment to empowering and supporting neurodivergent individuals. As Trainee Occupational Psychologist, Gunjan provides specialised coaching support to long-term unemployed individuals. As a Deputy Team Lead for IPES Employability Project, she is pivotal in facilitating opportunities for neurodivergent individuals in seeking employment by helping them overcome barriers and move closer to sustainable employment.

As a Training and Development Lead for Social Justice, Gunjan is driven by a passion for social justice. In this capacity, she provides consultancy services to businesses, coaching and training them to create more neuroinclusive environments. By fostering understanding and awareness of neurodiversity, Gunjan helps organisations tap into the unique talents of neurominorities. Her goal is to encourage workplaces to embrace diversity, unlock untapped potential, and create a culture of inclusion where all individuals can thrive. Being part of the Mental Health First Aider team within Genius Within, Gunjan possesses the necessary skills and knowledge to provide vital support and resources to colleagues and individuals in need.

Gunjan’s area of expertise lies in the field of Psychology with a focus on counselling, coaching, mental health, and well-being. Her BSc (hons) Psychology with Counselling and MSc (hons) in Psychology with Mental Health and Wellbeing, with ILM 5 in Leadership and Management, have equipped her with a strong foundation in psychological theories, research methodologies, and practical skills. BPS Register of Qualifications in Test Use. Gunjan has worked in different countries including Dubai, India and UK.

What 3 words would Gunjan use to describe Genius Within?

Passionate, Inclusive, Empowering

What is Gunjan’s favourite way to relax and unwind after a day’s work?

Gunjan loves enjoying a hot cup of tea alongside her dogs and being in a peaceful natural setting such as the beach or the forest and combining it with light music.

What is Gunjan’s Inner Genius?

Empowering individuals to explore and unlock their true potential self.