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Teal background with white square outline with image of Drew Goddard, wearing a blue shirt, smiling at the camera.

Drew Goddard

Work and Health Project Team Leader

Drew is the Employability Team Leader and Assistant Psychologist, who is currently working on the Work and Health Programme. He works with neurodivergent individuals to identify their barriers to work and provide intensive support with the focus on building their confidence, managing disability and health concerns, and improving their overall wellbeing and mental health. He shares the same vision that “Neurodiversity is the future of innovation and progress.”.

Drew completed his BSc in Psychology at the University of Derby. Psychology has always been such a fascinating area of study for him. It helped him to understand our human behaviour, different mental processes and how we think, act and feel. Following University, Drew worked as an interventions facilitator in a medium secure hospital for the NHS. He delivered a range of different psychological interventions from CBT to anger management and helped offenders develop the skills and techniques to reintegrate successfully back into the community.

What 3 words would Drew use to describe Genius Within?

Innovative, Connected, Nurturing

What is Drew’s favourite way to relax and unwind after a day’s work?

Drew’s favourite past time is to head to the gym after work, and then relax with a good movie!

What is Drew’s Inner Genius?

Calm in turbulent waters.