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Purple background with white square outline with image of Alex Preston, wearing a white t-shirt, smiling at the camera.

Alex Preston

IT Manager

Within Alex’s role as IT manager he assists and provides guidance on all things technical. He gets to work with all areas of the business, which allows him to help lots of different people on different projects.

Before joining Genius Within Alex worked in the Education sector for 14 years working up from an assistant technician up to IT Manager of one of the most prestigious prep schools.

What 3 words would Alex use to describe Genius Within?

Fast Moving Environment

What is Alex’s favourite way to relax and unwind after a day’s work?

To relax Alex swing dances, rebuilds cars, plays the guitar, piano and drums (not at the same time!), and looks after his garden and allotment.

What is Alex’s Inner Genius?

Using his knowledge of a large range of subjects to provide analysis and practical solutions.