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Image of Thomas Imfeld smiling at the camera, wearing a black blazer, shirt and glasses.

Thomas Imfeld

Thomas has a curious and humble mindset and approach to coaching. He supports neurominority clients in clarification processes and supporting client’s problem solving. His focus areas include managing change in the workplace and beyond, navigating office politics and work cultures, career transitions and career progression.

Thomas draws upon international work experience as a leader working with diverse industries and with teams. Made by dyslexia, dyscalculia and dysgraphia, Thomas has lived experience with neurodivergent strengths and challenges. Emphasising positive psychology and a strength’s-based approach, Thomas’ clients enjoy the feelings that come from evolving their thinking, making decisions and obtaining beneficial results for themselves.

Thomas has been a certified coach since 2016. Thomas has four decades of career experience including business development director responsible for large global client relationships, KAM management and contractual negotiations. His industry experience includes mobility, energy, telecommunications, financial services, IT, food and beverage, higher education, manufacturing. As an expat of over three decades, Thomas works in English and German and to a lesser extent in French and Spanish. Born and raised in metropolitan New York City, Thomas has been fortunate to experience diverse cultures and ideas.


M.A. International Studies, B.A. Political Science.

Certified Career Coach, University of Trier

Master Cultural Orientations Framework (COF) Coach

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