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Profile Image of Sophie Doel. Lady with long brown hair tied up, in a grey jumper.

Sophie Doel

Sophie has been working at a coaching for genius within since 2014, working with the client to explore their neuro-diverse traits and support the client in understanding their strengths in the work place.

Sophie takes a whole person approach and blends from her experience in Coaching as well as Counselling to ensure the client is supported and the approach fits for the individual. In a post-pandemic workplace she will assist in helping the client to improve their self-awareness, personal confidence to reach their full potential.


  • ILM level 5 in coaching and mentoring.
  • 1-year training in MS and offering support to people with MS
  • Diploma in Counselling
  • Kinetic Shift practitioner
  • Practitioner of NLP


  • 7 years working as a coach
  • 2 years of work and support for the MS society.

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