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Profile picture of Simon Harris, smiling and wearing a patterned shirt.

Simon Harris

Simon, who is dyspraxic himself, coaches in order to help people get on in life. He enjoys helping people view their situations from different perspectives, breaking things down and finding strategies that will work for them. Coaching is often situational and Simon makes good use of reflective techniques that can be deployed in the future.

Having started out in career coaching, which Simon still loves, he is always keen to help people navigate the barriers that stop them progressing in the way they would like. Taking a person-centred approach he also enjoys helping people rediscover joy in what they do and moving away from problems or barriers that have confront them.

Simon has worked in careers guidance and coaching for 17 years. Aside from Genius Within he is also a coach with Entrepreneurs in Action which is a Gen-Z insights agency which helps young adults from disadvantaged backgrounds access internships, apprenticeships and post-graduate training programmes.

Simon is dyspraxic and has also been step-parent to a teenager with autism. He is chair of trustees to a special educational needs college and also oversaw the introduction of supported internships in his workplace.


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