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Sarah Wissing

MSc in Career Management and Coaching

Sarah is an experienced career coach, who specialises in bringing awareness to dyslexia, and helping dyslexic clients flourish in the workplace.

Despite being discouraged on the grounds of her own dyslexia, she studied English and French at University, successfully completing a Masters in the former. In so doing, she proved the naysayers wrong but also came into direct contact with the negative attitudes dyslexic people face during their education and at work.

Early in her career, Sarah discovered a love of helping people achieve personal and professional growth. Consequently, she moved into HR, studying a CIPD qualification in HR Management and then an MSC in Organisational Psychology. She is currently completing her CIPD in Learning and Development and is also a Coaching Supervisor.


  • Sarah has an MSc in Career Management and Coaching. Her research project was on Dyslexia and disclosure and work.
  • CIPD and EMCC member
  • PGCert in Coaching Supervision
  • CIPD diploma in HR Management and Learning & Development


Sarah enables her clients to improve resilience, work through their current challenges, and gain the tools to troubleshoot their future ones. She provides a safe space for clients to challenge limiting beliefs and blossom in their careers. With Sarah, clients explore how to become their best selves and identify strengths professionally, while always taking care to prioritise holistic well-being.

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