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Profile picture of Sarah Walsh, smiling and wearing a pink top with blue necklace.

Sarah Walsh

MSc in Psychology

Sarah thrives on helping others to overcome problems so they can succeed, particularly neurodivergent individuals and those with chronic health issues, as she has personal experience in both these areas. She decided to train as a coach after having coaching herself, which helped her to achieve things she’d thought were impossible. Her coaching style is firmly embedded in an evidence-based approach (she gives a serious side-eye to “positive vibes only” messages) as well as a lot of humour.

Sarah has a rich and varied career history, including work across the Tech, Healthcare, and Education sectors. Having had a “later in life” diagnosis of ADHD herself, she is
particularly keen to support recently diagnosed adults and those exploring the possibility of being neurodivergent.

Sarah has a wealth of experience as a coach, with 5 years of working in this field. Her coaching background is varied, having worked in a range of industries such as retail, telecommunications, tuition centres, and the NHS. Additionally, she has provided coaching services to individuals in industries such as IT, film and television, construction, secondary and higher education, and to business owners.


MSc in Psychology

Accredited Diploma in Transformational Coaching

Accredited Certificate in Group Coaching and Facilitation

Graduate Member of the British Psychological Society

Associate Member of the International Society for Coaching Psychology

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