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Image of Runa Begum smiling at the camera, wearing a white shirt.

Runa Begum

Runa is a leadership expert, senior coach, group coach and a coach supervisor with over 10 years experience in talent and leadership development in the corporate world. She comes from a multi-faceted professional background spanning across a range of sectors; including people development in the NHS, public policy in the government sector, social justice in the community sector, and personal development in the wellbeing sector, equipping her with a wealth of awareness and systems knowledge that is well-rounded from the ground-up as well as top-down.
Trained in a variety of psychometric and personality testing tools, her passion for unlocking the human potential has led her to expand her expertise in mindfulness and wisdom practices as well as contemporary therapeutic approaches. With this she runs her own therapy practice supporting people to overcome trauma, conditioning and personal limitations, adding a further dimension to drawing meaningful connections from all areas of life.

She brings with her a richness of diversity from her professional, social and personal settings and champions neurodiversity, equality and inclusion.

With over a decade of experience in leadership development, Runa has honed the skills necessary to guide individuals and teams towards achieving their potential. Her expertise as a professional coach spans over 14 years, during which she has empowered clients to overcome obstacles and reach their goals. In knowing the power of coaching, she is dedicated to supporting the growth of the coaching profession and is an established coach supervisor ensuring the quality and effectiveness of coaching interventions among other coaches. Leveraging her 14 years as a clinical hypnotherapist, Runa integrates innovative techniques to facilitate deep and lasting transformations. Furthermore, her extensive background of over 20 years in inclusion, as well as her lived experiences inform her approach, fostering diversity and belonging across a range of contexts.


  • EMCC Senior Coach
  • EMCC Coach Supervisor
  • MBTI Practitioner
  • Action Learning Set Facilitator
  • HLM 360 Feedback

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