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Rukshana Horwood

BA (Hons) in Psychology

With a background in Psychology (B.A Hons) I have a passion for supporting individuals, teams and organisations to understand and build awareness around their own or colleagues neurodiversity.

I am fortunate enough to work with neurodivergent individuals to support them, help managers and individuals to understand each other better through co-coaching as well as raise awareness across organisations and diverse industries spanning both the private and public sectors. I am extremely fortunate to work on some projects for CJS, our Criminal Justice System, supporting ex-custodial clients who are neurodiverse.

While ND might be classed as a ‘disability’ I do not see it as that. In every contact I come across, I stress that neurodiverse individuals are not disabled but instead ‘differently’ abled, and that is the truth.

If we refer to the spikey profile we can see the heights that neurodiverse individuals reach in certain aspects and skills, no neurotypical person can hope to achieve as our brains are wired just differently.

So in the workplace, I encourage organisations and managers to yes of course support our neurodiverse colleagues in all the executive functions needed but also to recognise the

“We are all neurodiverse in one way or another. As a coach, it is vital for us to support, signpost, and ask but not tell. We also challenge and share perceptions.  We must hold a mirror up and say, ‘this is what I see and hear. Are you happy with that, or do you want to change it?”


  • BA Hons Degree in Psychology


  • 25 years as a leadership coach
  • Accredit leaders in ILM Level 3 to level 7 in coaching accreditations
  • Transformational coaching
  • Executive Coaching
  • Behavioural Coaching

As a coach – worked across public and private sectors from HoP/Councils/Colleges to Airlines, Construction Industry, Finance sector, Accounting Sector, NHS

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