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Profile picture of Rachel Birchmore, smiling, wearing a patterned top.

Rachel Birchmore


Rachel works with leaders, managers and their teams to become confident leaders, competent managers and be more effective communicators. She has a calm, friendly style and helps her clients to identify and build on their unique strengths and so thrive in the workplace.

She works extensively with architects, engineers and others in the property, design and construction sectors which is where she has spent her 30-year career leading teams prior to training as a coach in 2016.

She is a qualified business and workplace coach and PCC accredited with the International Coaching Federation.

Rachel’s passion to support neurominorities is fuelled by close family experience and experience working with those who feel their approach or unique strengths are not appreciated by others in the workplace.


Barefoot Coaching Training Course for Business and Personal Coaching

Postgraduate Certificate in Business and Personal Coaching (Work-based and Integrative Studies)


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