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Profile picture of Peter Urey, looking at camera wearing a sweater and shirt.

Peter Urey

Peter has an impressive 30 years of extensive experience in IT Sales, Marketing, and Management, which has allowed him to cultivate a robust skill set in the technology industry. His expertise extends to leadership and development, as he underwent training under the prestigious Hewlett Packard LEAD program, achieving UK Director level proficiency. Additionally, Peter holds a degree in Law from Christ Church, Oxford University, further augmenting his versatile background.

Since 2006, he has found great success as an independent business coach, catering to esteemed clients at the Board level, including prominent companies like Symantec, Epson, and Canon. Peter’s coaching approach is refined, as he received training from Marian Way, the author of Clean Approaches for Coaches, in Clean Language, Symbolic Modelling, and Clean Space techniques.

Peter has over 10 years coaching experience. He insights at senior levels, but is committed to all clients irrespective of status, rank or grade. He also provides voluntary leadership support to local addiction-related groups.

Peter’s outside interests include allotment keeping, being a black belt in Karate, and practicing Tai Chi. On a voluntary basis, he supports people in his local community who reach out for help with alcohol addiction and related issues.


Olive Hickmott’s “Bridges to Success” programme to help support people labelled dyslexic.

Ongoing monthly participation in CPD programmes with Genius Within.

Receive ongoing supervision from 3 mentors including occasional support from his former mentor at Hewlett Packard who works as a CEO coach in New York.

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