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Profile picture of Nicola Hickinbotham, smiling at camera and wearing navy blue with hands clasped together at chin.

Nicola Hickinbotham

Business and Personal Coach with a focus on accountability, time management, coping strategies (supporting high stress levels), concentration and attention to detail, listening and taking notes, dealing with overwhelming thoughts, developing organisational skills, mechanisms for memory and forgetfulness, physical movement and restlessness, self-belief, self esteem, and confidence.

Nicola spent three years as a Business and Personal Coach, and 15 years self-employed. She started her first business as an Estate Agent from home, but sold the business 12 years later. Nicola has two years’ experience working with neurodivergent clients. Within her coaching, Nicola has 4 strong values which are supportive and encouraging for neurodivergent individuals: Acceptance, understanding, clarity and championing.


Accredited coach training course with Barefoot Coaching October 2020.

Professional Certified Coach with International Coaching Federation PCC Level

Member of the ICF (The International Coach Federation).

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