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Helen Johnson


Helen is an ICF credentialised coach to PCC level with 10 years coaching experience and an extensive background in coaching neurodiversity. She also has a Diploma in Integrated Energy Techniques (tapping and NLP) and offers ICF coach training for coaches, leaders, and change-makers.

Helen coaches by finding the hidden blocks to getting exactly where you want to be. She goes deep, but also focuses on making things lighter for you, creating more ease and enjoyment in what you are doing.

Previously, Helen was both a Barrister and a Research Consultant and she has a PhD in Criminology and Social Psychology.


  • ICF Credentialed at PCC Level
  • Diploma in Integrated Energy Techniques (tapping, NLP, and Eriksonian hypnosis)
  • PhD in the Social Psychological Process of Role Transition (Making Change) and Emotionally Intelligent Support
  • Course Director and Founder of Level 1 ICF Coach Training
  • Course Director and Creator of Continued Coach Education Course ‘Deeper’ – Advanced Coach Training
  • Degree in Philosophy and Masters in Public Policy
  • Fully qualified Barrister


  • 10 years experience of working as a coach.
  • 2 years ICF credentialed.
  • Experience in both coaching and training executives.
  • Extensive experience of working with neurodiversity and coaching people to their strengths while addressing the challenges.
  • Previous experience working as a barrister, researcher, and in the third sector on equalities, including for a disability organisation.

Newly launched ICF Level 1 Coach training – meaning I teach coaches to be coaches! (As well as leaders, entrepreneurs, and changemakers). This course has a social impact element, which aligns with my values of giving everyone access to coaching and the opportunity to develop coaching skills. Also, the creator of an advanced coach training – ‘Deeper’ – that teaches powerful tools and techniques from a range of modalities designed to have more impact in coaching.

My areas of expertise are:

Mindset and Wellbeing – Focused on helping clients to reach their goals, but only in a way that is completely aligned with their core self and natural strengths.

Personal Growth – Uses a blend of neuroscience, positive psychology, and tried and tested techniques from across different sources of wisdom to help clients let go of any habits of thought, feeling, and behaviour that are holding them back.

Creating Success – Extremely insightful by getting to the core of what is really going on for my clients. Challenging but always kind, fun to work with, energising, and able to facilitate transformation in a way that feels right.

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