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Profile picture of Elisabeth Goodman, smiling and wearing a shirt and colourful scarf.

Elisabeth Goodman

MSc in Information Science

Elisabeth works with managers and individual team members in Life Science and other companies, large and small, to help them exercise choice and realise their potential in the workplace.

She and her clients work across four levels of awareness: what’s important to them, how they interact with others, how they go about their work, and how they relate to their environment.
Her advocacy for Neurodiversity comes from her personal and family experience of autism, and her insights gained from working with neurominorities.

Experiencing the pandemic in these last few years has brought Elisabeth closer to nature too, so that she is now looking for ways to actively care for our environment, as well as bring it into her coaching.

Elisabeth’s flexes her calm and reflective approach and the coaching tools she uses to match her clients’ learning styles and the topics they want to explore.

Elisabeth founded her own company in 2009 after spending 25+ years in the Pharmaceutical Industry as a line manager and internal trainer, facilitator and business change programme manager.  She is the only employee of the company and brings in others to help her through a Trusted Partner model.  She has been coaching since 2013.

Elisabeth’s vision is to give managers and team members the capabilities and confidence to enable them to feel happy and productive in their work.  She and her clients focus on management, interpersonal and communication skills, self-organisation and dealing with change.

Elisabeth’s advocacy for Neurodiversity stems from all that she has learned about herself (including her autistic profile), as a parent of an autistic young adult, and the neurodiverse people she has worked with.

Elisabeth is also fluent and has done some coaching in French.


MSc in Information Science

BSc in Biochemistry

Post Graduate Certificate in Business and Personal Coaching

Associate Certified Coach (ACC)

International Coaching Federation (ICF)

Member of the Association for Project Management

MBTI (Step 1 and 2)

Belbin Team Roles

NLP Practitioner

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