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Profile picture of Dr Jane Freeman-Hunt, smiling at camera, wearing a white top.

Dr. Jane Freeman-Hunt

Jane has got a vast majority of experience in coaching. She has got a bachelor’s degree in Psychology and a Doctorate in Coaching. She is an accredited coach with the Association of Coaching and with the Association of Executive Coaching.

Jane started coaching when she was working in IT sector as a head of operations for Nokia Enterprise Architecture Team. In this role she was heading up for 200 autistic people. Jane has worked with a range of clients all the way up to board members and executives from different industries such as Health, IT, Finance, Public Sector and Consultancies. Jane herself also worked for lots of big corporate companies at a board level therefore she can relate to anyone wherever they might be on the ladder.

Jane is autistic and she has lived experience of neurodiversity in her family.

When Jane is coaching at her best she is creative, lively, chatty and engaged. She is good at coming up with new solutions using her creativity. She really enjoys making a difference and, in some cases, changing people’s lives.

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