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Profile picture of Claudine Charles, smiling at camera wearing a black top.

Claudine Charles

MSc in Human Resources Development

Claudine is an accredited executive coach, who is passionate about supporting people to operate at their best, and enjoys partnering with her clients to stimulate those “eureka moments,” where they reflect, generate insight, and are mobilised into action with enthusiasm.

Claudine thrives on creating a safe space for clients to be comfortable and transparent, where they can work through any challenges, grasp their attention, or capitalise on a change or opportunity. She strongly believes that people are “response-able”, whole, and creative, so she regularly partners with clients to support them in leveraging their strengths, unraveling any limiting beliefs, as well as “holding up” and simplifying their options, resources, and possibilities. Claudine uses a range of coaching styles and methodologies with clients based on their needs, goals, and preferences.
As a result, clients find her warm, authentic, supportive, encouraging, open, frank, and highly skilled in her area of expertise.

She has spent the past two decades working with corporations across the private, public and not-for-profit sectors as a learning designer, executive coach, and facilitator. 

She has worked with employees in front-line services, senior leadership roles and C-suite leaders, from across multiple industries.

The client organisations that she’s worked with include (but are not limited to) Thomson Reuters, UK Civil Service, Homes England, SCS Railway (with HS2 – Europe’s largest Rail Construction project), Tapestry, Colt Technology Services, Oaktree Financial Services, Orsted, BAM Construction, Ahold Delhaize – Giant Foods, the United Nations, and UK National Health Services.


MSc in Human Resources Development

BSc (Hons) in Psychology

Various certificates and diplomas in Executive Coaching

Qualified in using a number of psychometric tools such as DISCS, Insights Discovery, Hogans, MBTI, Level A and B psychometric tools.

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