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Profile picture of Charlotte Rigden, smiling and wearing a black top.

Charlotte Rigden

ILM Level 7 Coach

As an Associate Coach, Charlotte uses her knowledge of different coaching methods and her experience in teaching, training and learning gathered over many years to connect with the people she is coaching in a way that is both comfortable and reassuring. She has worked in the coaching industry and has coached many clients with a diverse range of requirements. She has a passion for supporting people to reach their full potential and to gain achievements no matter how big these may appear.

Charlotte has been a coach for 15 years. People bring a lot to their coaching sessions which is the reason why Charlotte also wanted to train to support people with mental health challenges. As coaching is seen as a positive way of supporting through setting goals, being able to enhance this by having a knowledge of some potential underlying health issues has been an advantage.

When asked what is the basic coaching someone with dyslexia may need Charlotte replies; “No two people are alike so you really have to get to know them as individuals.”


ILM Level 7 Coach

Accredited Personal Performance Coach since 2007

Accredited Corporate and Executive Coach since 2007

Qualifications in mental health and counselling

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