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Profile picture of Azaria O'Dame, smiling and wearing a striped top.

Azaria O’Dame 

Master's Degree in Psychology

Azaria has a Master’s Degree in Psychology and has been coaching for several years. Azaria has always been drawn to working with neurodivergent people. She started her career in Education where she found that the neurodivergent children really needed allyship. She has moved into coaching adults and has a lot of experience working in communities marginalised by poverty. Azaria has also worked single parents and those who have been isolated through displacement.
When Azaria is coaching at her best she is listening intently, and facilitating solutions to pop up that apply to work, but also into their personal lives. Azaria really enjoys it when a client comes to a solution that is impactful across many areas – a pattern that creates lasting change for the whole person. Azaria enjoys connecting to her clients and having fun. Coaching can be something we look forward to, a very rapportful experience.


Master’s Degree in Psychology

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