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Posted 28 Apr 2023

Neurodiversity Inclusion to Thrive at DMA Awards

With support from Genius Within

Genius Within is proud to announce our new partnership with the Data & Marketing Association’s (DMA UK) Awards.

Six years ago, the DMA made it their mission for their annual Awards to become one of the most inclusive experiences the creative industries have to offer. They have done this through recruiting a large team of diverse judges, as well as seeking out diversity partnerships.

They have done excellent work through their partnerships focused on gender, racial equity, and LGBTQ+ inclusion and are also working with Genius Within’s industry friends at Purple Goat to focus on disability. Genius Within is proud to join their mission and bring a fresh approach and additional expertise to neurodiversity inclusion.

With Genius Within CEO Jacqui Wallis joining the DMA’s Awards Committee, not only will she be able to bring her own lived experience as a neurodivergent woman, but she can also advise on what true systemic inclusion looks like for brands and companies seeking to remove barriers for neurodivergent customers and capitalise on the purple pound.

DMA Awards Logo in Navy

Both Genius Within and the DMA believe that brands and agencies have an important part to play in making the world of marketing a more inclusive place and that it is essential that advertising and media reflect the audiences that they want to reach.

Jacqui Wallis commented:

“Being invited to partner with the DMA Awards represents a fantastic opportunity to ensure that the inclusion lens in the marketing industry stretches as far as neurodiversity. With 15-20% of the general population being neurodivergent this is an area of diversity and inclusion that needs to be a priority for all.”

“A diverse marketing community is a stronger one – this is why diversity and inclusion are essential to the DMA’s drive to not only attract the most gifted minds into our industry but also to our Awards where we showcase and celebrate the amazing work our talent creates,” added Rachel Aldighieri, MD of the DMA.

“Six years ago, we set about educating the creative industries on how employers can diversify their talent pools and help neurodiverse talent to thrive. So, we are delighted to build on this work by partnering with Genius Within on the DMA Awards, to ensure we have the most inclusive juries that are truly representative of the customer, with rewarding experiences that can be enjoyed by all.”