Our founder Dr Nancy Doyle started Genius Within, a non-profit business based in both USA and UK in 2011. Genius Within now employs over 150 people and works with around 3000 individuals and 1000 businesses per year, moving the world towards systemic inclusion. 25% of Genius Within’s coaching clients are promoted within one year and 95% retain employment. Genius Within’s work in prisons has won awards for doubling the target for employment on release. Nancy’s work is featured on the A&E documentary ‘The Employables’ and also the BBC, as well as articles and keynote speaking worldwide.

Nancy’s work began as a psychologist, 25 years ago practising organizational psychology and working with people who were long term unemployed.  Nancy was frustrated at how many of her clients struggled with basic recruitment, yet were bright, loyal and/or passionate.  At the same time, her customers wanted to know why some of their employees seemed to hit road blocks after showing promise, and struggled with talent and progression.  Nancy’s natural curiosity and zeal for her work led her on a path of discovery, the untapped talents of the neurodiverse.

Nancy spent over a decade refining her neurodiversity craft, working with high performing execs, struggling employees, people who were incarcerated or unemployed as well as providing organizational culture, change and development work. Nancy’s doctoral thesis explored the use of coaching as a disability accommodation and her professional practice work in psychology has won two awards.

Nancy believes that neurodiversity is a natural part of the human species, meaning that there are both specialists and generalists to cover the full range of our community needs.  With each neurodiverse condition, there are strengths and abilities.  We must find our talent, our niche and live our potential.

Genius Within’s team are Industrial/Organizational Psychologists and professional, certified coaches and clinicians.  We have trained many of the team from early career, and we also walk our own talk – many of our leaders at Genius Within have neurodiverse conditions, including Nancy who has ADHD.

To find out about associate opportunities at  Genius Within please email info@geniuswithin.org

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